#ARTMOMENT: The Parte de Sotto Suffers

Sotto Wallow

Time to wallow. The Parte de Sotto is having its communal dinner following its bitter defeat in this year’s #calendimaggio2018. The origins of “May Day” go back to medieval times and are linked to pagan customs that celebrated the return of the spring season and the renewal of the cycle of life.

In Assisi,  the city was divided into “Parte de Sotto” (Lower City) and “Parte de Sopra” (Upper City), ruled respectively by the rival families of the Fiumi and the Nepis. In Ancient times these rivalries would result in deadly clashes; however, the ceremonies now simply reflect a joyful (though still fiercely competitive) event which lasts for several days, featuring flame-throwing, dancing, singing, cross-bowing, and lots of men in tights. #MagnificaPartedeSotto

#ARTMOMENT: An interpretation of Italian culture and history through the mind of an American.

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