#ARTMOMENT: The small town of Assisi is the "City of Peace." Millions of people from around the world make a pilgrimage here to honor the life and teachings of St. Francis, one of the patron saints of Italy. After sundown on October 3, 1226, St. Francis died. That night is marked by mediaeval drumming, flag-throwing, and fire. A solemn procession is held in nearby Santa Maria, and sacred oil from one of Italy’s regions is brought to light his tomb in the Basilica. The following day Masses are held in Santa Maria and in Assisi, his final resting place. Finally, on the 5th, a large market is held on the streets of Assisi. #ARTMOMENT: Il 3 ottobre segna la morte di S.Francesco. La notte di questo giorno viene ricordata con tamburi, bandiere e fuoco. Il santo viene ricordato con una processione che parte da Santa Maria degli Angeli. Ogni anno una diversa regione Italiana dona l’olio necessario per mantenere acceso un lume sulla sua tomba. Infine, il 5 ottobre, la città organizza un grande mercato all’interno delle sue mura.

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